I've been thinking of a word to best describe how it feels to see old friends again, and the closest word I've been able to come up with is "exhaling." Maybe that sounds melodramatic, but after spending 4 days with two of my favorite college friends + Christina (my Rockford/ORU/life friend), I know it's true. Not only did Chelsea come from Oregon, but "SUPRISE" Adri from California showed up too! I begged them not to leave, but I guess the arctic temps of Rockford weren't exactly tempting enough to keep them around.

Here's the inside scoop into what we did for those 4ish days...

Christina and I took them to Stockholm Inn, the Swedish pancake mecca, to partake of those delicious cakes and hang with the 65+ crowd of Rockford.

They did their best to survive the negative temps.

Drinking hot chocolate, hanging out in front of the space heater, and doing "tim tam slams" helped a bit.

I'm an ameteur for sure.

We also spent a lot of quality time hanging out by the fire, chatting about life and being "breezy."

Rockband: a staple of my time home in America. I'm so glad Chrissy and Matt let us crash their house and rock out. I'm really bad at the drums, but I still love them.

We took many rides in the mini van, basicially without heat.
Chels and Adri screamed every time they got in.

Nothing like bargain shopping at Goodwill and Salvation Army. Adri got her beloved flannel and a rad 70's Bible, Chels a pair of purple pumps and a gold necklace, and I snagged a cordoroy blazer, a zip up, a bunch of earrings, and a necklace. Very successful shopping day.

"Adri looks like Bible times..." -Chelsea O'Connor

One of the missing members of our family. It was so great to chat with Char in NYC via Skype.

Snickerdoodles and Kettle chips were essential to our hang outs.

Out for some Italian food to say goodbye to Christina, our favorite honorary South African.
We miss you already friend.

And for their last day in the Land of Lincoln (and Obama:) we made a trip into the Windy City...

did a little shopping...

(we all share a common love of Samatha, especially Adri)

walked along Michigan Avenue...

grabbed some pizza with Chels' friends...

...and hung out with some of our favorite boys...

...the Chicago Bulls...

too bad they couldn't win for us...

although we had a great time, as always.

I'm convinced no matter where you are it's people who make your world. I'm just really blessed to have such amazing people in mine. Love you girls.

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  1. aww. I'm so glad you girls got to spend time together. exhaling is such a good thing.

    you just had to outdo me with the basketball pics, didn't you?

    I absolutely love that you have a blog.