currently…(second volume)

reading// unbroken by laura hillenbrand. mostly because we have book club tonight, and i'm waaaay behind. of course the english teacher doesn't finish the book club book for the month. figures. teachers these days are so lazy (and obviously overpaid).

listening to// a mix of zac brown band, katie and bryan torwalt, and patty griffin. oh and mr. lesley's consistent commentary on the red wing's game. it's a country, jesus, detroit sports, good time, i tell ya.

thinking// about how much i love spring. these extra hours of sunlight in the evenings are pure gold. 
it's the sure sign that summer is coming, and you all know how i feel about summer. those winter months are just plain depressing, and i am longing to give them a fond farewell! 

thankful for// the addition of a pen pal to my life. she is a fellow teacher and one of the most inspiring people on the planet! her letters are hilarious and thought provoking and encouraging, and the highlight of my afternoons at the mailbox. kristin joy, you are a gem. 

loving// my brand, spanking new 6d canon! you guys. it's so beautiful. i have three photo shoots lined up for this weekend, so i promise to make good use of "her." because if i don't mr. lesley will never let me live it down. "you know that thing costs as much as a used car. yada yada yada." 
she is worth every penny. i promise.

watching// about time with rachel mcadams and domhnall gleeson, and it goooood. mr. lesley and i may have shed a few tears while watching it. and the best part, i didn't even fall asleep! that's the sign of a good movie right there.

spending time// at the best new brewery in denver. remember many moons ago, when i wrote about my friends james and sarah and how they were opening up the brewery former future? well, it is officially open! the beers are delicious (the sour is my absolute favorite), and mr. lesley and i especially love visiting on sunday afternoons. if you live in denver, do yourself a favor and go there immediately.

looking forward to// SPRING BREAK 2014! it's about to get cray cray up in herr. i'm heading to cali and plan to see some of my favorite people, while spending as much time as possible on the beach. glory.

what have you been up to lately?


  1. we read unbroken for our book club. so so good. also, new camera!!!!

  2. Please do a follow up on Unbroken - trying to add as many good books to my list now! Also, been meaning to watch About Time, have to sneak it on the Mister soon!

  3. About Time is now one of my FAVORITE movies. It touched my heart in every place. I've been telling EVERYONE to see it as I don't think most people have even heard of it. I watched it alone and cried my eyes out and then made my fella watch it again with me and he got pretty emotional too (shhhhhhh). Just SO good.

  4. I loved Unbroken, even though it took me like six years to read it. I also just heard about 'About Time', so I'll probably be checking that one out soon. Happy Spring Break!!

  5. Ummm... Unbroken. Didn't I tell ya, so good. (My spring break read from last year, get with the program Mrs. Lesley.)

    Also, can you and Mr. Lesley please take me to Former Future? Can I be that cool kid?