warby parker class trip.

yesterday afternoon, my pal jenny and i headed downtown to check out the warby parker bus. 
they had contacted me to come try on some frames and see what they were up to, and i'm not one to resist and invitation.

have you heard of warby parker
if not, let me bring you up to speed.

they are an online eyewear company with awesome designer frames that don't break the bank. 
not only do they have great frames, but for every pair you purchase, they donate a pair to someone in need.
so not only do you look good in your specs, but you're doing good in the process. 
everybody wins. 

right now they are traveling the country in their transformed school bus on their class trip, spreading the word about warby parker and being super nice and friendly people in the process. 

we spent our time in the bus trying on frames, chatting it up with the staff, and admiring all the perfect decor. 
after trying on my fair share of frames, i finally decided on this lovely pair.
it was definitely a group effort.
and the real icing on the cake was the photo booth outside. 
unfortunately, jenny and i struggle in the posed photo arena, but it was a good time nevertheless. 
{see photos below for all the proof you'll ever need.}

if you live in denver, hurry down to 16th and wazee to check out the class trip bus before they head out on sunday.
you will definitely not be disappointed. 

*warby parker hooked a sister up with a free pair of glasses for visiting their bus and spreading the word. but i promise i wouldn't say they were awesome if they weren't. so there's that.


  1. First of all, your photos are stunning (but that's not a surprise at all!). :)

    Secondly, that's so cool that you got to see Warby Parker's bus! I've seen other bloggers I follow be a part of the Class Trip but I've never seen how amazing their bus is before--I'm so in love with the map and photobooth!

    Thirdly, that is one pretty set of frames! It makes me want to go frame shopping now. :)

  2. Yes, I love Warby Parker! I have glasses from them that I got earlier this year and I'm so in love with them. I also have the Ainsworth style but just a different color! They're so cute :) WP has the best price for good quality glasses and I just love their "buy one give one" mission!

  3. What fun!!! I was contacted by them when they were in Portland and I'm kicking myself for not going. I love that they give one away when someone buys one. :-)

  4. Gotta say Hannah...I'm pretty disappointed our photo booth pics didn't make it to the blog.

  5. how'd you get so famous? free stuff! blog reviews! big. time.

  6. That is a cute dress Jenny is wearing! Also, I wish I would've know about WP before I bought my glasses :(