the cone of shame.

this is sir winston's favorite model pose affectionately named "the depths of despair."
{the eye boogers are a nice added touch, don't you think?}

somebody thought it was a good idea to run like a maniac through his aunt's yard to the point of needing stitches on his foot...

his punishment? 
lack of peripheral vision and a stylish hat to wear for the past 10 days.

sir winston is not the only one suffering though.
our checking account is taking one for the team.
and i personally am getting pretty tired of him running into my legs every 5 minutes because he never quite knows where he's going.

on a positive note, he is getting a lot of extra time on the our bed and his antibiotics wrapped in treats because i do feel bad for the poor guy.
underbite and cone of shame? 
somebody needs to catch a break.

fortunately for him, he lost the cone today.
unfortunately for us, we lost our constant entertainment.

aside from just being pathetic, it was pretty hilarious.

p.s. i did a guest post on denver home companion yesterday. you should probably read it:)

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  1. Poor little guy! Very cute though. :)

  2. Ugh. Sherman HATES those things! Poor sir winston. Hope he gets better soon! Keep those treats a comin'! ;)