pure magic.

the snow was falling steadily outside our window as i cleaned up after dinner, washing dishes and cleaning off the counter tops.

just a typical evening in our neck of the woods. 

 then you asked if i wanted to take winston for a walk, and i grabbed my snow pants, boots, and jacket and got ready to brave the elements. 

 you thought i was overdressed, but i confirmed that i had a full range of motion, while flailing my arms and legs without restraint.

we staked our claim at the dog park, waiting patiently for all the dogs to leave so sir winston could run and prance without us having to worry about his lack of social skills. 
it felt magical, those 15 minutes in the dog park.
the snow, my family, everything. 

it felt right, and good, and peaceful. 
i cherish memories like these.

in the midst of the everyday, sometime we get a taste of magic.

{enjoy my first cinematic undertaking. mind blowing for sure:}


  1. Brrrrrr!!! lol love the cinematic capture. Sir Winston is in pure snowy, heavenly bliss. I've never seen a boxer prance with such joy.

  2. Look at you!

    Love the way you wrote this. :)