making a lasting first impression.

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i've been thinking and thinking of what to write because, if you haven't noticed, it's been a long time since i've been on this here bloggie blog.

but i knew i had found the exact perfect thing to get me back on the saddle about three minutes ago when this happened...

i'm on spring break, enjoying the good life in my sweatpants when i hear a knock on the door.

my landlord is there with a girl who is going to move into our building this summer, and he wanted to show her around.

midway through the conversation, i realized my shirt was tucked into my under-roos with my sweatpants hanging low.

sometimes an outfit malfunction can speak louder than your words ever could.

so with that i say, welcome to the building new neighbor and all you readers out there, it's good to be back.

hopefully i always give you reason to feel good about yourself.