exactly what i needed.

because sometimes for the sake of your soul, you just have to...

::pack up your enormous chevy tahoe that makes you feel like a rapper/soccer mom {gotta love the randomness of a rental car}::
::hightail it to the mountains:: 
::stop on the way for a little oskar blues beer and eats {i drank wine, but whatever}::
 photo IMG_2069_zps5d189c4e.jpg
 photo IMG_2089_zps68c5d0a4.jpg
 photo IMG_2098_zpscf3e6a4e.jpg
::light a big fire as soon as you arrive at your home away from home::
::spend the whole weekend with your church small group, who just happen to be some of your favorite people::
::take time to soak in the views and stop to watch the falling snow::
 photo IMG_2182_zps27815083.jpg
 photo IMG_2134_zps46c3ec7a.jpg
::stay in your pajamas for as long as possible and take intermittent naps whenever the mood strikes::
::forget what it feels like to be hungry::
::play ridiculous trivia games while painting your nails at the dining room table::
 photo IMG_2145_zps8ef10a3a.jpg
 photo IMG_2176_zpse492e351.jpg
::make breakfast strombolis that taste delicious::
::sit in the sun and read for pleasure::
::got out on the town for margaritas and mexican food::
 photo IMG_2151_zpsa5761b89.jpg
 photo IMG_2199_zps843a9222.jpg
 photo IMG_2194_zps250b9ee5.jpg
 photo IMG_2207_zps9d5b194f.jpg
::share your story, the silly ones and the ones that make you cry::
::celebrate each other with a mimosa in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other::
::pray together in the quiet of the morning::
 photo IMG_2175_zps9ed046ed.jpg
 photo IMG_2220_zps27d4bdbf.jpg
 photo IMG_2223_zps27ecc02a.jpg
::be incredibly grateful for such amazing people to share in the journey::
 photo IMG_2232_zpsa1232141.jpg


  1. I have to say, I think you looked a little bit like a rapper in that Tahoe...

  2. That looks like such a beautifully awesome time :)
    thanks for sharing! Also, I nominated you for the Liebster award, congrats! You can go here for more details: http://www.accordingtolaurajean.com/2013/03/liebster-award-nominations.html

  3. oskar blues is my jam!!!!
    i miss colorado~

    xo the egg out west.

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