a simple prayer.

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i was walking down the street on my way to finish up some christmas shopping and the words came out before i could process the weight of them.

 i started to pray.

and the prayer went a little something like this...
"God, i thank you for the child we are going to adopt someday. please bring them to us, whenever the time comes, safely. prepare us now to be good parents for them, whoever they are."

for the first time i put into words a dream i've had for as long as i can remember.
and with that prayer it became real.
because after meeting mia, my heart didn't have many other options.

i met mia through blogging years ago and have since learned about her journey.
she grew up in a chinese orphanage and now lives in seattle as an international student.

i was so fortunate to meet her for coffee while she was visiting a friend in denver over the holidays.

we talked about china and orphanages and adoption and i heard more of her story and the amazing strength and perseverance that has brought her to this point.

i have to tell you, i left that coffee shop more convinced than i've ever been that we will someday adopt a child from china.
we want to give a child like mia the opportunity to be loved and known and unconditionally accepted by a family.

the process has yet to begin, and i have no idea when it will.
i also know that it will probably be one of the most difficult journeys we could take.
i may not know much about adoption, but i do know the process can be grueling, the financial cost can be overwhelming, and the time frame never ending.

i know that with that prayer our child became real, at least to me.
with that prayer i entrusted to God a dream that seems bigger than us.
with that small, scary, whispered prayer i saw a glimpse into the future that He is creating.

and i continued in the lifelong journey known as "trust."

p.s. in totally unrelated news, i have a new blog design. 
whoop, whoop! 
thanks to my friend sharon, her incredible design skills, and exorbitant amount of patience this little space got spruced up a bit.
i hope you like it as much as i do.


  1. I'm so excited for you guys!!

    1. Thanks Evie! It may not be for a looong time, but just putting it out there is a start:)

  2. Love this! Obviously you know I am a big fan of adoption and we hope to adopt one day too. Getting to see our little Pryce really become a part of our family is incredible. God is so good. Whenever you guys want, I know that my bro and sis would love to talk to you about their journey.


    1. Yes! I would love that. When the time comes a bit closer (like when we have a house and Nick is done with school and such), I will be all about it.

  3. How exciting and what an awesome adventure you're going to embark on! I can't wait to hear all about God's plans for you! I've had a heart for adoption for years now (in part because I did a huge research project on China's One Child Policy back in high school). Since then, I've had my heart on both domestic and international adoption. Adoption really is a beautiful thing, isn't it? It's definitely a reminder that God adopts us into His family.

    p.s. Your blog design rocks! I love the ombre gradient hearts and sidebar buttons. So pretty!

    1. Adoption really, truly is a beautiful thing! And I'm so glad you like the new design!

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  5. Love this. And really love the new look too!

  6. So wonderful that there are ways such as adoption to bring love and care into a little one's life =) I've watched several friends adopt and the joy that they receive from doing so is sometimes even greater than the joy they give to these little ones! Best of luck as you begin to consider this =)

    1. Thank you for your sweet words and encouragement!

  7. Hannah I love this! I'll be praying for you as you continue on your journey of adoption, whenever that day may come! I have a heart for adoption too so I love what you're doing :) I know God will guide you guys in whatever direction you are supposed to be going!

  8. Love your new design. It can definitely be what you need to feel refreshed in your writing space.
    And you will be an amazing parent. I hope to adopt someday as well. :)