put on your gorilla suit and take out your wallet.

october is here {whoop, whoop}...

and that means the gorilla run is just a few weeks away! 

this year friends and family will be coming from all over the country to run in memory of mr. lesley's cousin emma, and we need your help!

last year we fundraised $1,700.00 for the mountain gorilla conservation fund, and we want to top it this year.

please, please {with sugar on top}, visit our fundraising page and add your name to our list of donors.

your love and support will mean the world to everyone who loved emma and want to continue to honor her life by remembering the animals she loved so dearly.

and if you live in denver, i can't think of a better way to spend your saturday than dressing up in a gorilla suit, running a 5k, and totally confusing everyone when they see hundreds of gorillas running down the street. 

donate? i'll love you forever.
run with us? i'll really love you forever.
spread the word? my heart is yours.

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