the weekend and a winner, winner chicken dinner!

friday started off well. 
the kids were good. the weekend was in sight.
all my grading and lesson planning was done. 
it was smooth sailing into the weekend.

well, that was until i realized i was starving, and i couldn't figure out how to stop my windshield wipers (a problem i've had for the last month...probably the most annoying thing that could ever happen to a person, and no, i'm not being dramatic), and i left my computer at school and had to wage war against 5 o'clock traffic and drive 40 minutes back to school to pick it up, and did i mention i was starving?

i may have hung up on mr. lesley in a fit of starvation induced rage and questioned the meaning of life in the process. 

fortunately, my sister is one wise women and told me to stop at the golden arches.
she promised life wouldn't seem so dark and terrible after dining on a happy meal.

and you know what? 
sometimes a happy meal can really make you happy.
all those empty calories renewed my hope in life and the whole of humanity.

and i was ready to enjoy my weekend at last:)

on friday night...
kari was sweet enough to bring me a note from my old students {and a pair of amazing bedazzled earrings to go with it) and let me tag along for a girls' dinner, including new friends, delicious food, and even a little blog tutorial for nancy who started her very own blog! 
on saturday...
i started off bright and early with a coffee date with jessica at my favorite neighborhood coffee shop, cafe europa. catching up paired with delicious coffee and breakfast sandwiches was the perfect start to the day.

i spent the afternoon looking through a surprise package of d.c. goodies from momma lesley, walking through the neighborhood with sir winston, and enjoying some cuddles on the couch.
someone's got to fill in for mr. lesley, right?
then, of course, there was my act of love for mr. lesley when i put the redwings sticker on the car.
true, true love i tell ya.

saturday ended with a dinner and ice cream date with two of my favs, new friend kim and jenny.
we had delicious tacos on the porch after which i introduced them to sweet action for the first time and finished up with some quality time with honest abe. 
on sunday...
i missed mr. lesley.
 a lot. 
a lot, a lot.
{i'm really over this whole long distance thing.}

fortunately, i was able to pull it together enough to enjoy the morning at church, an afternoon of errands with my sister, and an evening of lettuce raps, lions football, and cupcakes.
oh, and honey boo boo and breaking amish.
i mean, obviously.
a weekend without my honey always feels incomplete, but i am so thankful for all the amazing people i've been able to spend more time with lately. 

in the words of the beatles, "i get by with a little help from my friends."

and now, the moment you've all been waiting for, the winner of our give with JOY giveaway.

drumroll please...

the winner is...


{lori, email me so we can get you your goods!}

thanks to everyone who entered! 

happy monday ya'll! 


  1. I love that your sister told you to get a Happy Meal. I'm gonna put that in my back pocket as great big sister advice in case I ever need it. Also, I'm sorry that you're missing Mr. Lesley so much. I know it's hard. For real let's get together again before I leave town - just gotta keep yourself busy! And finally, I think Abe and I make a pretty cute couple...

  2. I also love that your sister told you to go get a Happy Meal! Wise advice!!! Glad to see that you have so many people to keep you busy while you and Mr. Lesley are apart, hopefully the long distance thing isn't for much longer?

  3. Just stumbled upon your blog thru The Wiegand's linkup :) Love it and love that shirt - such a great quote.

    Now following you via GFC! :) Excited to follow along and read more, girl!



  4. Hannah,
    I'm pretty sure taking pictures of your wipers at high speeds is not safe. Just sayin'...