back to the grind.

another school year is officially underway.
and with zac by my side (and on my wall) there's nothing we can't face.
{don't even tell me he doesn't inspire you to read more. i know, teacher of the year right here folks!}

i'm at a new school this year, and though my heart is missing my old coworkers and students desperately, my soul knows i'm exactly where i'm supposed to be.
{my true moment of realization came today when my principal told the new teachers the two rules everyone needed to follow...1. love our kids.  2. love our staff. yep, pretty sure i can get behind that.}

and there is no greater feeling quite like a satisfied soul.

best of all, i now get to teach with new friend kim.
yes, we are coworkers! 
which pretty much means she introduces me to everyone and makes sure i don't embarrass myself to much.

and, in return, i have decided to find her a boyfriend.

yep, that's right.

i am on the hunt for single, catholic, hotties who love jesus and have good jobs.
so if you know of someone in denver who fits that description, send them my way.
with a resume.
and a pay stub.
and a recommendation from their priest.

but don't you worry.
even though i have taken on this part time matchmaking job, there are still middle schoolers who need me to change their lives, so my job as mrs. lesley must go on.
{i'm mrs. lesley now...whoot, whoot!}

so if you're looking for me this week you can find me making awkward comments during staff meetings, adorning my wall with zac efron inspiration, practicing my most intense teacher face, laminating everything within a 50 mile radius, and getting ready for the 8th grade crazies who will occupy my classroom and my heart for the next 9 months. 

it's going to be a good year.


  1. I love those rules!!! your students are the luckiest students in the world, mrs. lesley :)

  2. Oh my gosh, the Zac Efron poster is so great! You're definitely the coolest teacher around :)

  3. ah, new school year...but a new school makes it mroe exciting! You are going to be kept sooo busy..now you are a matchmaker. well look-i'll see how it goes with Kim, then I might book you too...although there are logistical difficulties with that one!

  4. I wonder how many people think you're kidding and how many know you're serious.

  5. I love this. And I do feel a teeny bit jealous of you two getting to work together. BUT the good news is I'm more available during the days to help out with the matchmaking project. Just let me know what I can do!