and...i've finally arrived.

yep. it's true.
i'm a officially a real blogger.

it's my first guest post!
{insert wild applause here.}

the fabulous sarah lives in denver with her hubs and little girl, is expecting another little girl in a couple of months, has adorable style and a winning personality, and, most importantly, writes over at reverie.

i like her, so you probably should too.

without further ado, here's some of sarah's thoughts on this little thing called "marriage." 


Hannah has just gotten married! (Duh.) 

 She's survived wedding planning, had the best day of her life, and, folks, she's even done the deed. 

Truth be told, I've been reading along the entire time ever-impressed by her mature ability to always keep things in perspective. Yes, she was planning the cutesiest wedding day; but more importantly, she was preparing for a marriage. 

 And this is where it all counts. This is where she and Mr. Lesley start building their lives together and learning how to take on the good and bad as one instead of two. 

 When I first got married, this was harder than I'd anticipated. I'd grown so accustomed to my independent life before marriage that, as excited as I was to be Mrs. Noel, I really had to work at adjusting to sharing my life wholly with another person--especially someone who thinks (still to this day!) that my OCD cleaning tactics are a bit over the top! 
 But I married a kind, generous, and patient man. I married someone who loved all of my crazy--including the parts that made the first few months of marriage a challenge. And because of that, even in the midst of the new struggles we faced, some of my life's sweetest memories to-date were from that first year of being married to my husband. From making s'mores on the gas stove and huddling under a down comforter on the couch when our heat was broken, to spontaneous weekend trips and Netflix marathons late into the night, I had my best friend always by my side.
We made a name for ourselves, Mr. and Mrs. Noel, carving out our own traditions and adventures until suddenly marriage was everything I'd imagined and hoped for.
A dog, a house, and (almost!) two babies later, still speaking from limited experience, of course, I'm so excited for you, Hannah, and these amazing few months ahead of you. Through the best and the worst, it'll all be the stuff of your marriage, an incredible foundation for all you'll be and do together.

thanks sarah for your wise words, and, most importantly, for making me official!

everyone else, make sure to visit reverie and give sarah some love!

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