and then i saw your face...

when my girlies and i arrived at the park for our "first look" and i walked up the hill to meet mr. lesley, the first thing to come out of my mouth was "where's his jacket? i know he did this to spite me!"

am i romantic or what? 

{a little backstory: before the wedding we had a longstanding debate about if he needed to wear a jacket or not. he didn't want to. i said he just had to. so, as i'm sure you could guess, we bought the jacket.}

now word on the street is that he forgot it in his car...
so our friend ran to get it...
i let it go...
and kept on walking up the hill {managing to collect at least half of the park's sticks and grass in my train as i went. whoops.}

all the while trying my best to remember the moment.
jacket or not.
and although the exact words are a blur, i remember being so happy to see his handsome face.
and, of course, our adorable boutonnière pins as well.
{one of my favorite little details of the day. 
made by mr. lesley's dad. he's so talented!}
those couple of minutes were precious and happy and most importantly, ours.
then we joined the rest of the crew for a series of sweet, fun, and ridiculous photos.
{love my sisters.}
{that jumping picture took at least 5 tries, but it's definitely one of my favorites! i mean, what's a wedding without at least one jumping picture. right heather?}
{these fall on the more ridiculous side of the spectrum, but i love them just the same.
i believe the inspiration was "stanley cup hockey victory."}
and fortunately for me we had some time for more pictures at the park, just the two of us...
{we love our little gnome friend.}
and we were even able to make our way to downtown south haven for a few more.
{this is one of my favorites!}
before we knew it, there was only one more hour until show time. 

just enough time for a champagne toast, a minor freakout, and the makings of a pretty epic storm to make an appearance at the ceremony.

stay tuned:)


  1. so many amazingly beautiful shots!
    i especially love the one with all the "love" bracelets.

  2. Awesome!

  3. i loooooove those pictures of you two downtown. you're like a haven of love in the middle of all the passersby!

  4. These pictures are so amazing. I luff every one of them.

  5. Unbelievable. These pictures are simply stunning. You looked lovely and your happiness is written all over your faces!

  6. I am obsessed with all these wedding photos you've been posting! I could just look at 'em all day, you guys are a beautiful couple! The in town shots are definitely some of my favs, along with the jumping one :)

  7. i've been soooo enjoying reading about the amazing time you two had... can't help but smile every time i read a new post! the pics are gorgeous (as are you!) thanks for sharing these with us!

  8. Amazing amazing and amazing :D Love them all xxx