we made it!

after almost 20 hours in the car...
{including mr. lesley becoming obsessed with the hunger games, me belting it out to a variety of show tunes and hits by bet midler and celine dion, and sir winston spending most of the trip with his head out the window}
we made it to michigan! 

and, one week from today, we're getting married!!!!

so until then, you can find us...
-drinking way too much coffee (with whip cream of course...the lesley way)
-watching sir winston love all the space and the attention of his grandparents (he is their first grandchild after all:) 
-finalizing all of the last minute wedding details (as long as i don't forget my dress, we're good, right?)
-making our way to south haven for the best weekend of our lives!

we. are. pumped.


  1. woohoo! exciting. enjoy the love and attention and build-up to the day

  2. so excited for you guys. wish leif and i could be there to see you guys gettin' hitched. have a blast and soak it all up. we love you guys!

  3. Does that mean you listened to the Hunger Games?!

  4. How exciting! Enjoy this amazing and exciting week you'll have!

  5. I so wish I could be there just to see how much happiness there's gonna be. Just remember to savor every second because it's going to fly by! Xo.

  6. Awesome!

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