easter weekend.

this weekend, i...

:: reveled in how much i love cereal.
::cuddled with sir winston (i mean, this is pretty much a daily occurrence)
::went over to the keith's house with mr. lesley for one fabulous meal. one day i will cook like nancy! 
::helped coach two soccer games looking like an eskimo.
and we won both games! go spartans.
::painted over the atrocious green paint in my dining room and kitchen.
it looks so. much. better in white. 
::shopped till i dropped with my sister. i was literally in a comatose state when we got home.
and i loved every second.
::loved everything about easter.
the beautiful day, church, easter brunch, my long afternoon nap.
it was fab.
::did a little decorating and thought about how much i love my honey.

good times.

p.s. only 68 days until the wedding! 
(being engaged is kinda overrated. i'm ready to be married already!)

hope your weekend was fun, productive, and relaxing too! 


  1. Cute pictures! Enjoy the anticipation of the big day, it'll be here before you know it!