we're 2 years old!

guess what? 
mr. lesley and i are officially two years old! 

the magic started on March 12, 2010, and we're still here! 
we made it! 

in order to celebrate, we thought we'd take a walk down memory lane and revisit some spots from our first dates together...

i couldn't help but think of how different things felt two years later and yet, how some things felt exactly the same...

-on our second date we went to stellas for pasta and wine.
i remember being so nervous and going into the bathroom to text my friends that everything was going well:)
i was very conscious to make sure i was being polite, that there was nothing on face or in my teeth, and that i was likeable and a good conversationalist.
oh, and i never would have dreamed of asking if we could take a picture together.

-on sunday night i was rushing to get ready, while mr. lesley worked on his homework. 
when i was ready to go he said, "oh, so we are going somewhere?"
i gave him that look and told him to try again.
he said, "you look beautiful!" 

at dinner this time, i took too many pictures and gave the biggest smile, asking "Is there food in my teeth?"

but both then and now the food was delicious, the conversation was easy, and everything felt perfect.
-on our first date, mr. lesley surprised me with a night cap at mcdonalds, so we could both indulge in shamrock shakes, a guilty pleasure for the both of us. 
as he drove me home, we slurped on our shakes and talked about how much we loved disney movies:)

-on sunday night, we stopped at mcdonalds just like before and ordered our shakes, which has now become our annual tradition.
we snuggled on my couch and watched parks and rec on his computer while sir winston snoozed at our feet.

then i loved his humor.
i loved that he took me to mcdonalds on our first date.
i loved that he wasn't too cool to admit he liked disney movies.

now i love that no matter what we do, whether its going to mcdonalds or taking a big vacation,
everything is special.
it's all a memory.
and it's all very "us."
-on the morning of our first date, i bought my first pair of real running shoes, so i could start training for my first half marathon.
i ran that day out of nervous energy and excitement.

-yesterday morning, i lifted some weights in my apartment while sir winston looked on with the most confused face you've ever seen.
then we went on a jog together in the perfect denver sun.
i ran to get my butt in gear so i can look smoking in my wedding dress.

both then and now, when i run and beat my body into submission, i have nothing but good things to look forward to.
-on the afternoon of our second date, mr. lesley took me to the denver aquarium.
this was the day he learned i wasn't allowed to celebrate halloween while growing up.
and i thought he was going to pass out into the shark tank.
oh, and we also talked about whether or not animals had souls. 
yeah, we're deep.
no bigs.

-yesterday we went back to the aquarium.
we walked around holding hands and getting in a few smooches for good measure.
we chatted about the sex glands of jellyfish and the intelligence of octopuses. 
and how i've never seen finding nemo.
yet again, he was shocked.

then and now, the experiences of my childhood and my lack of movie knowledge still astonish him.
-on one of our first dates, heck, let's say the third, we went and walked around wash park.
holding hands for the second time, and i was pumped. 
we talked about his family (who i had yet to meet), admired the best tree in the park, and watched all the cute dogs stroll around with their owners. 

-yesterday we grabbed some chipotle and headed to wash park with sir winston in tow. 
we layed out blankets, soaked in the sunshine, ate our lunch, cuddled with sir winston, and looked through my file of all our little notes and ticket stubs and memories.

but both then and now the park holds a special place for us. 
because at the park we have watched our sir winston grow from an anti social little snaggletooth to a less antisocial little snaggletooth.
and we've become proud parents
these past two years have been wonderful but definitely not perfect.

some things have changed.
a lot of things have changed us.

but the one thing i pray stays the same is our commitment to each other no matter what.

so mr. lesley, here's to all the years ahead.
i wouldn't want to experience them with anyone but you.


  1. You're really keeping the traditions! Happy anniversary!

  2. happy anniversary to my favorite couple! :)

  3. is that a half chocolate-half shamrock shake????

  4. You Miss Hannah {and Mr. Lesley} help me believe in love. That's a big deal there... so congrats on the title :)

    Oh, the no Halloween. What a crazy, little childhood we had.

    Happy Anniversary!

  5. Wow... where to start. Thoughts are running all through my brain.

    1. I, too, am shocked that you couldn't celebrate Halloween, that you've never seen Finding Nemo, and that you've never read The Hunger Games (even though the last one wasn't in the blog, still).

    2. Please tell me Mr. Lesley took his shirt off on your third date.