the weekend. st. patty's day edition.

this weekend, i learned...

-if you want your guy to agree to dinner at the melting pot, be sure to invite his man crush (and his amazing wife) along.
let me tell you, it was d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s.

-my sister is the best saleswoman on the face of the earth. 
i go to her store not intending to buy anything and walk out with 4 new shirts. but, i mean, who can resist the discount? 

-brian and kari laniel are the king and queen of st. patrick's day (and you should probably follow her blog if you know what's good for ya). 
thanks for the great party friends! 

-fashion shows may be the new way to my heart.
mr. lesley may not understand why i've started buying blazers, but when he insisted i try on my new outfits for him, i felt like a million bucks. 

-i've officially become that girl.
(good lord).
mr. lesley left yesterday for his spring break to florida/michigan, 
and i missed him the second he walked into the airport.
fortunately, i get to join him in michigan on saturday!
(but again, good lord.)

-baby showers can be dangerous.
monica's baby shower made me actually want to have a baby of my own.
like right now.
everything was SO CUTE.
but then i remembered the whole giving birth and raising a child part. 
then i changed my mind.
i'm sticking with my 3 year plan.
but for a second, i was totally on board.

-i feel more alive after i organize and deep clean.
and when i have bags of clothes to give to good will, it's even more invigorating. 
(nerd alert).

what'd you learn this weekend? 


  1. Hi! New follower from the blog hop :) Happy to be here!

  2. Random responses:
    1. I convinced a guy to take me to fondue restaurant once. And he burnt his lip and received a 2nd degree burn. Oops.

    2. It would be dangerous for me to live near Calley. Self-control and clothing would never happen.

    3. I loved that you said "I have become that girl." Another reason why I adore you and Mr. Lesley.

    4. There is nothing like the feeling of cleaning and organizing! Coming from one nerd to another :)

  3. Next time you clean out your closet, can you follow these steps:

    1. Clean out closet (and feel good)
    2. Let new friend look through old clothes
    3. Give to Goodwill

    Please and thank you.