the best kind of weekend.

this weekend was slow and uneventful and lazy.

it was perfect.
it was full of...
getting my cook on (these burgers are delish), sweet action goodness, starbucks, walking the neighborhood with sir winston, reading on the couch snuggled up with a blanket, deep cleaning, blind pilot's new album (can't. stop. listening), an afternoon run, governor's park, detroit red wings, family time, a destroyed remote (darn you sir winston!), hot chocolate, good chats with new friend kim, church of the advent, marriage counseling prep, silly arguments over how mr. lesley and i will decorate our future home ("you know, my 14ers picture has to be hung up somewhere"), new orange nails, working with wine in hand, blog time with emily, more delicious meals, prepping for my new workout plan, and the oscars (thanks to my neighbor who let me borrow his cable box:)

perfect. i tell you.

completely perfect.