nothing like fresh mountain air.

fall break...it's the most wonderful time of the year. 
mostly because it comes at the perfect time.
you know, that part of the school year when things like "you're driving me crazy!", "what part of be quiet don't you understand?", and "i didn't go to college to be a babysitter." come out of my mouth more often than i would like.
it's a little rough to say the least. 

so... when some of mr. lesley's family came into town this past weekend from michigan, i was pumped for a little trip to boulder for some hiking and meandering. 

we decided to hike at chautauqua. it does boast a pretty great view of the city after all.
the snow was a bit slick, but it definitely provided a beautiful backdrop for the hike.
as we were walking, we found these little buddies in the forest.
we were like becoming one with nature.
no bigs.
when we came to this rock/boulder combo, mr.lesley's uncle marty insisted everyone take advantage of the perfect photo opp.
unfortunately for me, mr. lesley had class all day and couldn't join us, so i decided to just be the photographer instead.
isn't his family (and mine soon) adorable?
love that his aunt and uncle are sharing my obsession with hearts.
after the photo sesh, we made it through some tough terrain...
and finished at the top of the world (at least it felt like that).
now presenting boulder in all it's glory.
we took a few minutes up at the top...
and came down together posing for an rei ad the whole way down.
after spending quality time with nature and getting our blood pumping, 
it was time to reward ourselves with a stroll around pearl street, lunch, and beers (obviously).
oh, and a stop at cu for some new digs.
and this was just the beginning of our non-stop weekend of fun and goodness. 

get ready for the thunder.