eminem would be so proud.

ok, let's just lay all our cards out on the table. 
i'm not really a football fan.

now i'm sure that comes as quite a shock to you considering all my sports apparel and avid support of all things espn, but it's true. 

BUT, i was super pumped to go to the lions/broncos game last weekend with mr. lesley's family. 
they lured me with good food at the tailgating and i couldn't resist. 
and their michigan spirit was also quite contagious.
i became a die hard lions fan in a matter of seconds.

i am also quite a newbie to tailgating, but i must say, this family sure knows how to have a little party. 
there was chatting....
delicious drinks and eats...
(including a box o' dogs and the biggest bottle of ketchup this side of the mississippi)
a little bags competition...
a birthday celebration for aunt carol...
prime people watching...
plenty of photo opps...
and maybe even a little beer pong thrown in for good measure.
(this was my inaugural game of beer pong and i was kinda amazing.
don't mean to brag, but those years of middle school b-ball game me a mean jump shot.
and yes, my college experience wasn't what most would call "normal."
hence the first time i'd played beer pong:) 
we left the parking lot full and in complete anticipation of a lions victory....
with a beautiful day and...
more tebow fans than i could count...
we were ready! 
mile high (or whatever they call it these days) sure knows how to put on a good show.
there were parachutes...
and balloons...
and smoke and jets and pride to be an amer-i-CAN!
thanks to his aunt and uncle's generosity, we had incredible seats...
and we all had a great time together, watching the lions dominate (sorry kari!).
we cheered, we high fived, we fist pumped,
and felt some pride returning for the city of detroit.
i still don't know if i can say i'm a football fan.
but i might be on my way to a conversion. 

oh, and in case you were wondering...
santa clause is definitely a lions' fan.
gooooooo sports! 


  1. Wow -for two reasons.

    1. You've never played beer pong?? Oh, Hannah...

    2. I'm going to pretend I didn't just read a blog post about a bunch of non-Denver natives marching into our stadium cheering for the other team (I mean that in the most loving way possible). Clearly my efforts to convert you to Catholicism are better directed at converting you to a Broncos fan.

    That is all.

  2. I love that you JUST learned beer pong. I had my VERY BEST game the first time I played also.

    AND.... I LOVE FOOTBALL. Fella and I are even on the same fantasy team together. AND I genuinely look forward to every Sunday. I crave going to a pub, having a few beers or bloody mary's, eating ridiculously YUMMY pub food and YELLING at some football.

    I can't explain it. But I'm sure my fella is pretty happy.

  3. I love that santa was there!!