marathon eve.

so, i woke up saturday morning to...
and a big, fat ring on my finger.
(of course i slept with it on. i mean, duh.) 

yes. it snowed the day before the marathon.
i was like...awesome. i am going to freeze my arse off tomorrow. perfect.

fortunately for me, two of my favorites, heather and jason drove down from fort collins the night before and crashed at my pad so we could all hang out on saturday.
a perfect distraction from breathing in my paper bag. 

we geared up for the cold and made our way to breakie. 
where heather and i talked weddings and the boys rolled their eyes. 
yes, we are stereotypical. 
accept us. 
then heather insisted we stop at the store, so she could buy me my first bridal magazines.
she's pretty much the best.
that afternoon we said goodbye to h & j and traveled through the rain downtown for the marathon expo.
a.k.a. a frugal healthy snack hoarders paradise.
we walked the red carpet...
picked up our race packets...
reviewed the course...
(fyi: 26.2 miles is FAR)
admired the goods and wares...
(while channeling our inner kenyan:) 
tried our best to stay positive...
reminded ourselves that it's what's inside that counts...
and managed not to toss our cookies in the process.
pre-marathon jitters are no joke.

the rest of the night was spent trying to figure out the best way to run a marathon without actually running a marathon. 

needless to say, we weren't too successful.

all the bloody details of the next day coming soon. 
get pumped.


  1. eek-have belated nerves for you! Sure you did great though

  2. It's a good thing you're not running anymore; you look super skinny. Dammmmnnnnn, no wonder Mr. Lesley wants you to be his wifey!