a lovely weekend.

i had a great weekend.
wanna hear about it?
perfect. i was hoping you'd say that.

friday night: another blessed reunion! my friend chrissy came into town just to see me! (oh and hang out with her family and go to a conference, but those were just secondary...obvi.) we dined on a delicious dinner and dessert and i passed out on the couch. 
in case you didn't know, friday nights and teachers don't exactly mix.
and i was having such a good time, i forgot to take any pictures. major fail. 

saturday morning: i, along with the rest of america, have drank the pumpkin spice latte cool aid. nothing says "heeeellllooo weekend" like a ridiculously expensive cup of autumn. 
after sipping our lattes, mr. lesley and i went to get ourselves some new running shoes. 
both of our kicks were really pathetic.
my feet were pretty much touching the ground. yeah, that bad.
so we headed out to boulder running company where we both scored great new shoes and our new favorite item of all time.
chaffing, you've met your match!
but...i couldn't justify spending 100 bones on shoes when i knew i could get something just as good at nordstrom rack. 
now presenting...my new asics! 
half the price and just as official looking.

post shopping activities consisted of cleaning, nail painting, popcorn eating, and movie watching. 
then it was time for a b-day party with the rands, a little photo scavenger hunt action, and most exciting...i finally found an apartment, thanks to the rands and their landlord sam! 
looks like come november i'll be living it up in a place of my very own. whoot whoot. 
unfortunately again, i have no photos to prove such adventures.
you'll just have to take my word on it.

sunday: i finally conquered the 20 miler! and now that i've regained control of my lower limbs, i'm feeling really good about it.
i assure you though, if you saw me running around mile 18, you would have been convinced i was an 85 year old trying to run.
but i finished, and that's all that matters.
and i have blisters from my new shoes to prove it.

in the afternoon, i got to see chrissy again, and we...
a. played a rousing game of peanuts
b. laughed and chatted over coffee and lemon blueberry bars at stella's 
c. wanted everything in site at 5 green boxes, but went home with major heart scores
d. all of the above
after saying goodbye to chrissy and wishing so badly that she would just move to colorado already, i ventured out for some grocery shopping and even made dinner when i got home
(i know, i actually cooked...sort of.)/
now i'm resting my barking dogs, mentally preparing for the week ahead, 
feeling very satisfied.

sidenote: while i was catching up with mrs. tripodi, mr. lesley was dominating the 50 piece chicken nuggets from mc'donalds.
a little too much man vs. food? 
an addiction to dipping sauces? 
all i have to say is, i couldn't be more proud of him! 
back off ladies. 
the guy with sweet and sour dripping from his chin is MY man.

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  1. ooooh, new kicks! way to score a good deal too. sounds like a lovely weekend, indeed!