i'll take it.

sometimes teaching middle school feels like this...

but when you're lucky, one of the students/cats writes you a thank you note like this...

now it doesn't really matter to me that writing this note was an assignment from another class. 

i don't care at all.

and yes, it will go in my "this is why i teach" folder.

and i will smile because now one of my students can say he "writes so awesome." 

and that makes me feel pretty good.


  1. Ok... a few things:
    1. That video is hilarious.

    2. I, too, loved that your student can "write so awesome."

    3. I also love that you are such a supportive teacher because you say, "Here I come!"

    Yes, you are a success. And that's why you're my friend.

  2. I'm in love with the last line of that letter. he's pretty humble for a middle schooler ;).