volleyball...bringing families together since 1895.

after running 9 miles along the majestic rock river, mr. lesley and i arrived back to my parents' house just in time to get in on a very intense dance competition with jayden and calley...

...to michael jackson.

it was epic.
and jayden totally won. 
that 5 year old has moves. let me tell you. 

then it was time for a pre-church photo shoot with maga and baca. 
i think the back of the blazer was the perfect spot.
good choice jay.
for lunch, we took the boys to another rockford staple, mary's market.
and it totally lived up to the hype! 

i am confident mary's market is my absolute favorite rockford spot. 
sampler with french onion soup? 
yes please.
then it was pool time! 
a.k.a. throw jayden around like a rag doll.
he was eating it up! 
oh, and my dad took the opportunity to attack us like a 5 year old. 
he's young at heart, that baca. 
that evening, lele and zack had the family over to their house for some burgers and good quality time together...
which included a lot of photo opps...
 frisbee (mr. lesley taught jayden how to throw like a pro)...
...and the highlight of the night...
with an invisible net and a makeshift ball.

our family is not exactly the most athletic, but i would say this was the most fun we've had together in a long time.
who would have thought? 
and it helped that i coached 7th grade volleyball last year. 
you know, i gave the amateurs some pointers.
kept 'em in line.
showed 'em what's up. 
i left that night feeling so thankful for my family.
yes, we have issues, but really, who doesn't? 

we know how to have a good time and we love each other.
what more could you ask for? 


  1. A run and netball with an invisible net...epic!

  2. I wish your blog had a companion TV show.