USA is A-OK!

the fourth of july is my favorite holiday. 
hands down. 
because when you live overseas for awhile, you come home with a new appreciation for the land of the free and the home of the brave. 

and you want to celebrate. 
one year i even dressed up as the statue of liberty. 
yes. it's that intense. 

the festivities in rocktown this year included: 
early morning coffee, reading, pool time, and some yard work with the fam...
baking time...
 because every year, calley and i make a 4th of july dessert, we decided to make this little beauty.
it was the most successful zert we've made thus far.
one suggestion though, add some cool whip to the top to balance out the tartness and you will be good to go. 
doesn't it look so pretty?
lake time at the tonnesen home...
my high school friend danni took her son brady tubing for the first time and he was a champ.
jayden couldn't let all the glory go to the little guy, so he got in on the fun too.
i was honored to be chosen as his tubing partner.
he kept wanting to go faster and faster, while i was comfortable with the slow pace. 
unfortunately, we nose dived into the water and the rope broke. 
but he held it together, with my help of course:)
gosh. that kid is lucky i'm his aunt. 
chicago style pizza...
you can't be this close to chicago and not have quality deep dish pizza.
mr. lesley was a big fan.
and pizza is really american, right? 
don't tell italy i said that though.
and last, but not least, FIREWORKS! 
i mean, duh.
we joined tenille, chris, and two of the cutest kids on the planet (next to my niece and nephew, of course), elise and gray for the fireworks in downtown rockford.
the people watching was incredible...
but the fireworks were even better.
(oh and mr. lesley may have fallen in love with tenille.
looks like i have some serious competition on my hands.)

rockford knows fireworks.
for reals.
happy birthday america.
i love you.
like a lot. 
like more than any other citizen.