wisdom? who needs it.

so today i...

1. took my first valium/s (prescription people, prescription. i'm not into illegal narcotics).

2. did some ridiculous things because of said valium.
(for example, slamming my finger into the sign to identify what floor the doctor's office was on).

3. asked the nurses and doctor as they were giving me an iv and sticking breathing tubes up my nose, "are you trained in resuscitation? yes, ok so have you ever had to use said training?" and "i really don't want to wake up in the middle of this so can you make sure that doesn't happen?"

4. lost all my wisdom.
all of it.
why did God decide to put all your wisdom in your teeth anyway?
looks like i may make some dumb choices in the future.
at least now i'll have someone other than myself to blame.

5. cried.
i wasn't even in that much pain.
i think these drugs just make me emotional.
i really lost it when i read this.
and then told winston "don't EVER die" (as i'm sobbing).

6. got in some intense cuddle time with winston.
i decided it was time to let him on the bed.
this could have been a bad decision, but i needed him.
he is one of the best cuddlers in the world.
next to mr. lesley of course.

7. received the most beautiful sunflowers (my favorite) from mr. lesley.
along with gauze, sprite, and gatorade.
(we already stocked up on everything else last night.)
there is nothing more romantic than gauze right?

8. felt (and still feel) a constant numbing sensation on the left side of my mouth. yep. only half. not sure why, but i'm OVER it.
on the up side i can bite my lip really hard and can't feel a thing.
and earlier today i had some chocolate pudding on my chin for who knows how long before i caught it.

9. ate almost an entire tub of tapioca pudding.
it was delicious.

and now i'm laying with winston (while mr. lesley is out getting himself real food...i'm so jealous), watching My Girl (the first movie i cried in when i was 9) and feeling pretty good (minus the numbness).

here's to hoping i stay on the up and up tomorrow!


  1. those drugs are scary. when my brother got his wisdom teeth out he was so drugged that he tried to open the door while we were driving.

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