i am beyond ready for you.
please come quickly.

in the meantime, it's...

9 days until my 25th birthday bash
10 days until i run my first half marathon
14 days until my 25th birthday
14 days until i complete my first year of teaching

AND (last, but obviously not least)

18 days until i board a plane for london-frankfurt-CAPE TOWN.

(insert ridiculous amounts of excitement, jubilation, rejoicing, etc.)


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  1. I just read through all your South Africa posts because I lived in South Africa from 2008-2009! What an amazing country right? I studied in Stellenbosch, which you may have visited, and traveled all around the country during my time there. I also volunteered my time at a local township hanging out with the local (adorable) children. It was by far the most life changing experience ever and I wish I could go back. By the looks of your posts you also had a life changing experience! You gained major points for having spent time in South Africa. Cheers ;-)