Happy National Grammar Day!

Here are just a few of the reasons why National Grammar Day might have taken over as my new favorite holiday...

#1 Grammar Rock gets a comeback.
I could watch these videos all day long.

#2 I am reminded yet again how much I love Grammar Girl.
Yes, Grammar Girl is a real person.
She has a podcast and gives a lot of great tips.
I suggest you go here for an unparalleled conglomeration of activities to celebrate today.
Knowledge is power, people.

They even sell AMAZING t-shirts like this.
(My birthday is May 20th and you know I would sport this shirt proudly.)

#3 The internet helps me see that I'm not alone.
There are others who cringe when they see things like this
(and not because of John McCain).

#4 I find grammar blogs!
The Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar
The Afternoon Nap Society

#5 Lastly, I watch ridiculous music videos that put me even further on the margins of society.

I hope you find a way to celebrate the wonder that is National Grammar Day!


  1. Ok, two important things:
    1) When you aren't in China, I don't remember about the importance of March 4th, until March 11th...

    2) This blog post was freaking inspiring.

  2. I am eating peanut butter m&m's and thinking of you.