repeat. repeat. repeat.

I am loving this song this weekend.
I can't stop listening. Seriously. My finger just keeps pushing play.

It helps that I know some of these guys, and their music is wonderful.
I am really, really hoping they come out with some new tunes ASAP.

Please enjoy my weekend obsession.
Now I'm off to listen to John Piper (he will kick my butt for sure) and paint my nails (pink is the color of the week).

I have a really exciting life.


  1. thanks for sharing this song! I love that you painted your nails...red's my color this week.

    I looooooooooove youuuuuu!

  2. what a coinidinke ... I just painted my nails too ... and this song is GREAT :) ps just got back from the gym, getting ready for that marathon!

  3. i love scattered trees!!! "silence is musical" is actually me and peter's "song!" we danced to it at our wedding.