i saw what i saw.

Sara Groves sang at my church today, and I was starstruck. I tried my best to find her after the service (because I'm that cool) in hopes of getting a picture and telling her something to the extent of, "I've loved you since 'Conversations.'" But to my utter dismay, she left before I had a chance to weird her out completely.


She just sang one song, "I Saw What I Saw," while this video played on the screen, and it was so absolutely beautiful.

There seems to be a theme in what I'm learning lately, and I'm amazed at the way God sovereignly strings the seemingly random events in my life together until I reach that lightbulb moment where I start to finally get it.

Although I'm very far from "getting it," I'm beginning to see that...

there is such great need all around me.
maybe the world doesn't revolve around my needs and desires.
just because I can't do everything doesn't mean I can't do something.
the blessings that overwhelm my life demand that I give back.

I just hope and pray all this head knowledge and heart pulling doesn't go to waste.
And the best part is...it doesn't have to.

I'll leave you with some words from Sara Groves...

"God goes to great lengths to come find me, to come into my chaos, and to come and walk into my despair to bring hope to me. He has been so generous to me; I can't help but be generous. He's asking me to pay attention to individual people He brings into my life."

I couldn't agree more.

***Check out her new album on Amazon for only $5. I'm about to download it myself.


  1. So, I can now comment on your blog. But I'm a bit hurt that my blog isn't listed in your 'other blogs' list... Kara's got 2 entries...

    anyways, I miss you. come back. soon.

  2. I love you. Just want you to know.

  3. oooo also, I have a new blog. I may keep up with this one. I think I will.


  4. I'm sad I missed out on this. I've been listening her a lot lately. I'm glad she made a Christmas album :)