enough is enough.

There comes a time in life when you just have to say enough is enough. When all day you're looking forward to an Orion chocolate pie (or two...or five) and a huge glass of hot chocolate, you know you might have a sugar addiction. That's where Kara and I found ourselves on Sunday night. We realized something had to change. We had a problem. Sugar was taking over our lives. So we decided to gorge ourselves on Easter candy, hot chocolate, chai tea, and any candy we could find for two days (we couldn't let it go to waste) and then cut it all out on April 1st, beginning a sugar fast for the month of April. We really ended the month of March with a bang.

I'm now on day two of no sweets.
Sometimes I think I hear the hot chocolate packets calling my name from my cabinets.
But hey, I would hope after 23 years of life I could have enough self-control to say no to a pack of sugary, chocolaty goodness. Especially if it can talk because well, that's just weird.


  1. sugar used to be my best friend. I miss her.

  2. I'm so glad you're doing this - mostly because now there's more good stuff for the rest of us...

  3. dude .... only you can do that .... as I remember I failed miserably last year :(