We went. We saw. We took pictures.

Here are some of my favorites from the trip.

I really liked Shanghai (maybe because it felt like a big city in America, just with a lot of Chinese people). Here are some highlights:

-Strolling down The Bund (minus the people trying to sell me sticky monster toy things and Rolex watches)
-Super friendly Chinese people (minus the ones who tried to scam us..."Come to my tea house." And to think, I almost went. You would imagine I would have learned by now. Thankfully Evie has more sense than me.)
-Amazing food (DQ blizzards, 4.5 kuai jiaozi, burgers and beer at an irish pub, Subway, French bakeries, Starbucks sandwiches, etc.)
-The Shanghai Museum (great exhibits and photo ops, free admission, and a random guy wearing a helmet)
-Wearing flip flops because the weather was fabulous (minus the blisters I still have on my feet), although I do think we were the only ones in the whole city wearing short-sleeved shirts
-Old Town and Yuyuan Gardens (magical lights, adorable Chinese kids on a field trip, relaxing gardens, and two men riding a carousel alone)
-Crashing the 87th floor of the Hyatt for a great view of the city
-Learning how to navigate the subway
-A mall with an indoor ice-skating rink (insanity, I tell you)
-Spending some quality time with Taylor (that boy is hilarious) and Amy (PTL she found us standing in the middle of the street)

Yes, great trip overall.


  1. incredible.

    ps. that chubby kid in the yellow sweater makes me so, so happy.

  2. two years later and my heart strings are still pulled when i see those pictures. i loved reading those highlights from shanghai. you forgot to mention the "i accept you" train ride with the chinese men :)