i wish life was a musical.

I've been on this musical kick lately (ok, so maybe just the last 24 hours). It all started with HSM 3, then I danced around my room singing tunes from Hairspray this morning, and now Once (which counts as an indie/emo musical of sorts) is playing in the background.

Although my voice is horrendous (if they diagnosed people as tone deaf, I would be the first with a prescription), I really wish all of life was as fun as a musical. I mean who wouldn't want to jump out of bed with a song and dance ready to go every day?

The other source of this newfound love of musicals could also stem from my major crush on Zac Efron. Yes, it's true. Give me a copy of Teen Bop and a life-sized poster on my ceiling, and I've officially reverted to middle school again. I've come to terms with it though. I've accepted it. I'm not ashamed. Please don't judge me.

Confessions are good for the soul after all.

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  1. I'm not witty, but if I was, I'd write something about 'my heart will go on' and 'welcome to beijing' and how those songs will help you win Zac's heart.