in the business of my days, i have felt hope.

i feel it...
in the early morning drives to school, as it becomes a close companion. 

i feel it...
as i sip my coffee, put away my bags, and get things organized for the day.
 i hear its constant reminders.

i feel it....
in the students i am beginning to love.
 in the seemingly impossible tasks set before me, i am not overcome. 

i feel it...
as i run mile after mile, my feet pounding the pavement with each step.
 i know that life is good and valuable and precious.

i feel it...
in those moments where marriage takes grit and time and communication.
it is filling my heart with expectancy.

i feel it...
in my photography that is becoming more than just a hobby.
my heart is becoming strong and courageous. 

i feel it...
when i pray and cry and ask God questions and hear his gentle whispers.
this hope is my anchor.

i am choosing, day by day, to make this hope my most faithful of friends.



  1. This is simply beautiful, Hannah! It's little posts like these that remind me that hope is a choice and a good choice at that.

    p.s. I so love your photography, girl! I'm so excited for you that what was once just is a hobby is something that's turning into something much greater than that (does that make any sense?)! :)

  2. This is beautiful, dear girl! Hope is such a wonderful thing!